The Official Logo

To preserve the tradition and legacy, the new logo continues using Ohio’s state silhouette. The circle encompassing the entire logo represents not only the “O” in “Ohio,” but also OCWTP’s collaborative, supportive, and partnering qualities. The burst of light omitted from behind the Ohio silhouette recalls different symbols to different people – a sunrise, a sunburst, a starburst, or beams of light. Regardless of what symbol is perceived, they all suggest similar concepts that are central to the OCWTP’s brand identity - progress, the light of day and knowledge rising over the darkness of night and the unknown, excellence and innovation.

Sizing + Usage

To ensure clarity and integrity, there should always be blank space around the OCWTP logomark and signature. Leave roughly the amount of space equal to the height of “Ohio Child Welfare Training Program” on all sides of the logo.


The logo’s minimum display size is 36px (pixels) or 9.5 mm (millimeters). There is no maximum display size.

Logo Variations

Having several logo variations helps to ensures the logo is flexible enough for any project, yet consistent enough to remain recognizable.

  Primary Variations

  Secondary Variations

  Special Circumstances

The Acronym and the Logomark are the primary logo variations and should be used whenever possible. This applies to the OCWTP logo and the RTC logos.



The Stacked Logo and Title Logo are secondary logo variations, and are provided for use only when layout prevents using of the primary options.

Stacked Logo

Title Logo

The Wordmark and Acronym Only are available for use under special circumstances, and should be avoided if possible. In principle, there's nothing wrong with using these. However, for a newly created brand, the visual logomark should be presented along-side the organization's name as often as possible.  This strengthens the connection between the new visual identity and the organization. Once the new brand has been used for a while, all of the logo variations will be equally preferred.

Acronym Only


Text Only



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